Glow Hotel & Suites

About Glow Hotel & Suites

The architectural building is characterized by the horizontal & vertical symmetry of its facades, as well as by the balconies with the strong metal elements. The proposed urban architectural design intends to indicate the identity of the project as a hotel, both functionally and aesthetically. For this purpose, the configuration of the facade and two other facades with metal minimalist elements is decisively impressive, leaving a strong imprint on the overall picture. The architectural approach, together with the use of natural materials, turn the hotel into a microcosm of natural simplicity, which integrates and coexists in harmony with its environment, emphasizing of course the quality of hospitality. The Glow Boutique Hotel & Suites, identified with the COCO-MAT philosophy of using natural and ecological materials, offers the ultimate Cocomat sleep experience, allowing its visitor to breathe in the space and travel with its view to the endless blue.